Dr. Keller and Dr. Vasko love their patients!

Patient Reviews

Mark video still

Mark loves his smile

“I’ve been a patient for about 15 years. I was referred to Dr. Keller due to a severe mouth problem. He never takes a shortcut, and he doesn’t compromise.” –Mark

Linda has confidence

“The team is super nice and helpful. Dr. Keller knows what he’s doing and is a gentle dentist. There’s no waiting when you arrive since they’re very prompt.” –Linda

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Doug video still

Dr. Keller truly cares

“They truly care about their patients. Dr. Keller is very deliberate, doesn’t rush, and is very thorough.” –Doug

Family-Oriented Dentistry

“I’ve been a patient for over 20 years. This is a small family practice in a small town. The team is family-oriented and very proud to be on Main Street, on this corner. Dr. John has the same family vibe that has been crucial for this office for many years.” –Margaret

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Wanda video still

My entire family comes here

“I’ve been a patient here for over 30 years. They’re very friendly. The team is courteous and does only the treatment that is needed to improve your health. My entire family comes here including my grandparents. I’ve had implants done and wouldn’t do them until Dr. Keller could fit me in.” –Wanda

Reviews from Your Neighbors

“In our practice, we strive to build an environment where the doctors, staff, and patients feel affirmed, respected, and valued, all while being treated with dignity and respect.” –Dr. John Keller

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